Stone pot weight

While other stone tools weight more than their normal counterparts that’s not the case for the stone pot. Is this intentional?

If the metal pot was made out of caste iron, I can see this being the case.

Frying Pan is cast-iron, but I don’t think the Pot specifies. (Would hope for stainless, personally.)

Steel vs Rock.

Meh, I can see that some rock may be heavier.

Whatever the material of the normal pot is, right now you’re better off tying three rocks to build your own pot. That doesn’t feel right from a gameplay point of view. Particularly if we compare it to the rest of stone tools, which have at least one obvious drawback (weight).

Maybe more volume?

It would be nice to be able to boil two units of water (i.e., a full plastic bottle) at once, IMO.

BTW forgot to mention that the same applies to waterskins when compared to plastic canteens (same container capability, less weight).

Nooooo, my secret is out. Damn you!

Anyway, AFAIK, isn’t volume less for waterskins too? I’d imagine it’s because waterskins are more flexible but…yeah.

Both hold 6 last time I checked.

No I meant the volume stat that affects encumbrance, not the capacity. It’s why I prefer waterskins over any other water container. Lemme check.

Edit: Yeap, different volume. Waterskins have 2 volume and 2 weight when empty, 8 when full. Plastic Canteens have 6 volume and 2 weight when empty, 8 when full. Muuuuch more space efficient.

Weird though. I was thinking maybe waterskins should expand when filled, so that it should have the same stats as a full Plastic Canteen. Or maybe not. I could live with that.

My bad. I’m afraid I’d read your post diagonally. But, yes, waterskins are the way to go right now.

EDIT: jeez, I should stop multitasking. I’m not really wired for it.

Waterskins seem harder to craft than stone pots, though - rocks are everywhere, but pelts take a bit of effort to gather.

They just got changed in the Git repo, btw. Waterskins are now 4 vol 4 weight when empty (heavier but less cumbersome than canteens - I like), and stone pots are not 9 vol 8 weight.

There’s also other interesting changes to waterskins. They now hold 9 “portions” of water, while plastic canteens only 6. But both descriptions indicate that they can hold 1.5 liters. I guess they forgot to update the capacity of canteens, or someone typed 9 instead of 6 :slight_smile: