Stone forge, charcoal kiln and clay kiln - do they create smoke?

I’ve just finished walls of and roof of small 5x5 log cabin in wilderness scenario. Planning to setup all I need for metalworking. I would really prefer to have stone forge, charcoal kiln (furniture type) and clay kiln indoors but I can’t figure out if they produce smoke or not. For example, I’ve seen discussion on git that charcoal kiln does produce smoke for balance reasons as not to be a replacement for fireplace. I’m willing to try building those inside, but if I have to demolish them… it will take quite some grind to make a homewreker or something similar.

Alternatively, I could make a small horse shoe shape workshop next to a cabin and place forge and kiln there. Without one wall I shouldn’t have problem with smoke.

Maybe I can get this data out of json.


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Rock charcoal kilns, rock clay kilns, and rock forges can be disassembled without tools in about 1.5 hours each. You don’t need to build a homewrecker, though you’re not guaranteed to get back all the rocks. Feel free to experiment.

My preferred way to get large numbers of rocks is to burn down a building and use a digging tool to clear away the rubble, which will leave behind rocks on tiles that used to be walls. You can get all the rocks you need from two houses, and probably only one.

He’s doing an innawoods playthrough, so no convenient houses to burn down for rocks and nails.

He has to scrounge his rocks the hard way.

Hmm, in construction menu, both Deconstruction options are grayed out for me. Do you mean some other way to disassemble them?

On the latest experimental, I just tested:

  • create a wilderness survivor with Fabrication 4, Survival 4
  • started in a hermit shack
  • walked next to the charcoal kiln, hit ‘*’, selected “Deconstruct Simple Furniture”, selected south, and got a pile of rocks where the kiln used to be.
  • walked next to the smoking rack, hit ‘*’, selected “Deconstruct Simple Furniture”, selected west, and got a pile of rocks and sticks where the rack used to be.

I’m not sure what you’re doing, but deconstructing stuff seems to work for me.

I was trying to deconstruct fireplace - no way, just assumed that it’s the same for other “furniture” objects of this type.

My last innawoods guy dug out a basement. Got a good 200-300 rocks for a decent sized cellar.

How exactly does one go about digging out a basement. I’ve seen it referenced several times, but I’ve never tried it in game, mainly because I’ve never done the wilderness survival type game.

It’s in the construction menu, dig down stairs. It’s expensive to do for an outdoors character, but you only need to do it once. You need a rope and a pickaxe or jackhammer to do it. (Or just find a cave or something and expand it)

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My experience with digging a basement during an innawoods playthrough was that you had to build a charcoal kiln, a clay kiln, and a rock forge in order to be able to make a pickaxe. You could then use the pickaxe to dig a basement, which got you all the rocks you would have needed to build the charcoal kiln, clay kiln, and rock forge.

Is there a way to dig through caves without a pickaxe, other than bone pickaxes from the mining mod?

Well either one of the jackhammers will work, too. I usually find one of those three items, or the stuff to make one, if I explore far enough. A motorcycle on the road could give you everything but the makeshift welder to make a jackhammer.
Remember you can disassemble the charcoal kiln, clay kiln, and rock forge to get the rocks back, too, so you can switch from one to the next.

Again, innawoods playthrough is no cities and often no zombies. You can’t burn down houses for rocks and nails for because there aren’t any houses. You can’t scavenge for jackhammers because there aren’t any jackhammers.

My experience with an innawoods game was that I could take down the clay kiln, because I only needed a couple of clay things (anvil, pot, a few big jugs). I constantly needed charcoal for forging. Without a fridge, it was hard to store food, so I had to hunt regularly, so breaking down and rebuilding the charcoal kiln and the forge to save on 40 rocks wasn’t worth the time investment.

I know all about innawoods characters, having played three of them long term. Jackhammers can be found outside cities, as can the components to make them – unless you’re just avoiding all buildings and other structures? That’d be unusually hardcore IMO.
One of my innawoods guys does avoid any structure that’s not abandoned, he runs if there’s more than one zombie, and he’s still got a pickaxe he found at a mine.

As he said in the first post of his other thread, he has cities outright disabled. City size setting of 0. No cities, no roads, and as far as I have seen no structures of any kind.

No smoke from any of them. You can safely put them indoors.

Fireplaces and fire rings can’t be disassembled (but forges and kilns can).

The fire ring thing sounds like a bug.

I think the fire rings are from More Survival Tools Mod. Probably that’s why you can’t disassembled them.
And why doesn’t fireplaces thing sound like a bug to you?