Redone Charcoal Kiln

The charcoal recipe annoyed me as I spend an hour essentially watching wood burn. So I came up with something using the new commands available.

Essentially, you put wood into the oven (recipe consumes the charcoal kiln), light the oven on fire, let it burn for 600 turns (1 turn = ~6 seconds), and then disassemble the product to get your coal and kiln back. As a bonus the kiln creates a small amount of light.

[spoiler=Recipe code]

{ "type" : "recipe", "result": "kiln_full", "category": "CC_OTHER", "subcategory": "CSC_OTHER_MATERIALS", "skill_used": "fabrication", "difficulty": 1, "time": 1000, "reversible": false, "autolearn": true, "components": [ [ [ "splinter", 20 ], [ "2x4", 3 ], [ "stick", 5 ], [ "bone", 40 ], [ "log", 1 ] ], [[ "char_kiln", 1 ]] ] },{ "type" : "recipe", "result": "kiln_done", "category": "CC_NONCRAFT", "subcategory": "CSC_NONCRAFT", "skill_used": "fabrication", "difficulty": 1, "time": 1000, "reversible": true, "autolearn": false, "components": [ [ [ "charcoal", 15 ] ], [[ "char_kiln", 1 ]] ] }[/spoiler]

{ "id": "kiln_full", "type": "TOOL", "symbol": ";", "color": "brown", "name": "filled charcoal kiln", "description": "A kiln filled with wood which will become charcoal after a slow period of burning.", "price": 100, "material": ["steel", "wood"], "weight": 15142, "volume": 40, "bashing": 0, "cutting": 0, "to_hit": -2, "max_charges": 0, "initial_charges": 0, "charges_per_use": 0, "turns_per_charge": 0, "ammo": "NULL", "revert_to": "null", "category" : "tool", "use_action": { "type": "transform", "target": "kiln_lit", "target_charges": 600, "active": true, "msg": "You light the wood.", "need_fire": 1, "need_fire_msg": "You need something to light it with!" } }, { "id": "kiln_lit", "type": "TOOL", "symbol": ";", "color": "brown", "name": "lit charcoal kiln", "description": "A kiln full of wood that has been lit; better drop it!", "flags": ["LIGHT_15"], "price": 100, "material": ["steel", "wood"], "weight": 15142, "volume": 1001, "bashing": 0, "cutting": 0, "to_hit": -2, "max_charges": 600, "initial_charges": 600, "charges_per_use": 0, "turns_per_charge": 1, "ammo": "NULL", "revert_to": "kiln_done", "category" : "tool", "use_action": { "type": "auto_transform", "target": "kiln_done", "non_interactive_msg": "It's already burning!.", "msg": "The kiln's embers die out." } }, { "id": "kiln_done", "type": "TOOL", "symbol": ";", "color": "brown", "name": "finished charcoal kiln", "description": "A charcoal kiln that has finished burning. Disassemble it to retrieve the charcoal and kiln.", "price": 100, "material": "steel", "weight": 8142, "volume": 40, "bashing": 0, "cutting": 0, "to_hit": -2, "max_charges": 0, "initial_charges": 0, "charges_per_use": 0, "turns_per_charge": 0, "ammo": "NULL", "revert_to": "null", "category" : "tool" }

Interesting. Got a GitHub presence?

(I’m not sure this is the final-form we’d want, but it’s quite good enough to replace the current setup. I’m willing to merge it!)

Cataclysm: DDA. Where a watched pot/pan/kiln DOES boil, and if you don’t sit there and watch it for the entire time, you ain’t cooking nuthin!

Unfortunately no, I don’t have a clue how to work GitHub.

There was a time when I didn’t have a clue how to work GitHub either. (Mostly I still don’t. But I know enough to get by.)

I and the rest of the devs are generally willing to teach folks who are willing to learn. Let us know.

Very nice.

Burning charcoal should take more than an hour though, now that it’s practical to do so (it had to be kept short before or it’d be impossible). How about a 6 or 8 hour burn? For efficient production you could set up several kilns and read a book while they cook, then turn them all over for another batch as you sleep.

I love the idea and can’t wait for this to make it into the mainline!

Yes. Blaze did fine work here; I just filed the PR. I expect it to merge as soon as another dev can take a look and hit the button.

Thanks for helping out, Blaze. This’ll free up a lot of character-time. IMO your code’s gonna make DDA a better game, and you’re just gonna have to live with that fact for the rest of your life.


420blaze erryday


It’s far better than my crappy original implementation.