Stomach only counting for Haggis

I have 4 pieces of “stomach”, and they show in green for the Haggis recipe and I can cook it, but the Wasteland Sausage recipe shows it in red and no number as if I don’t have any, despite listing that they require 2 to make. Am I missing something, or is this a bug?

Are the stomachs frozen?

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…yes…why does one recipe accept frozen and one doesn’t and it doesn’t even indicate this! Argh!

Because you cook Haggis (and therefore thaw the stomach) but you don’t cook the sausages :wink: .

But yeah, an information about accepting or denying frozen/rotten components would be nice.


That makes sense, but yeah having some phase information would be nice! For now I’ll just keep heating in the back of my mind, nice touch!