Marines and SEALs in helicopter crash scenario

I’m pretty sure both have training and would’ve been used to some land operations during the Cataclysm, and the description of the scenario does seem like it’ll fit them.

As to why add them though? Its just that my phone takes some seconds to process a turn in the CVN scenario where they’re only present, and I really wanna play it but just don’t have the hardware or patience for it. Of course if it makes sense to put them on a chopper crash then perhaps the Overrun one also makes sense, but I haven’t picked that scenario for a while now due to the same reason.

dont get me wrong, my phone aint trashy, but for some reason it cant handle the overrun scenario, might be the shit ton of enemies everywhere it has to process every turn. maybe. idk

That and the items. I kinda suffer the same stuff when I get mid game due to my hoarding tendencies.