STEN gun full auto +balwnce question

Hi folks,

Not sure if thats the right place to ask. I played this game a lot in 2k14 and just got back to it see what’s new.

Just a few little things:

The STEN gun only has a full auto mode despite having a fire select as seen in this video
[Video of some dude on you tube showcasing the gun, I can’t link it]

And I was wondering if anyone ever bothered to look at the tohit nonuses. As I understand it, they’re supposed to reflect how wieldy a weapon is.
The pocket knife has a to hit of -1
While a pot has a to hit of +1
So it’s easier to hit a zombie with a clumsy pot than with a knife?
Also the baseball bat’s to hit is +2 iirc and the knife spear’s for example is +1 although the latter was designed for combat

It’s petty things, I know but I feel like these numbers are just overlooked and/or not given much thought.



I like the current hit system. To me most of it makes sense.

I think the hit is on the first look pretty strange.
But if you think about it, it’s starting to make sense.

If you are fighting with a pocket knife against a zombie, you need to get really close and personal to hit it. You would probablly need to fokus more on defense, and therefore it would get harder to hit the zombie. Therefore, cutting an opponent with a small pocket knife will probably be hard. Hence the -1 to hit.

A pot on the other hand is a bashing weapon. im not sure if i would give it a +1 to hit. more like a 0. But you can just bash at the enemy, without needing to place cuts.

Baseball vs knife spear I would leave it as is. Hitting something with a baseball bat is pretty easy (except if your actually playing baseball :-P)

And the Knife spear is a weapon made for stabbing, but like i said before, stabbing is still harder to do then simply bashing at an enemy.

Also, the better you get at handling the weapon, the less the -hit is going to matter, so you will get better at handling the weapon.

If you hand me a pocket knife, and tell me to stab that dude over there (putting aside the moralty stuff), im pretty sure i would da a pretty bad job at first.
Give me a Pot, and i pretty much already know how to clobber stuff with it :slight_smile:

It’s not perfect, you could argue that some boni and mali are kind of strange, but on the other side there are a lot of people involved in that project, and everyone’S opinion will be slightly different.

No idea about the STEN gun issue, i have no experience with guns.

Hope that Helps,


Exacly, also - as i know, never tried - spears can be use as ranged weapons with few tiles range because they have long reach.

Thanks Dawn and latogato,

I haven’t looked at it that way. When we factor in reach and the difficult to place proper cuts it makes sense.

About the STEN gun I probably have to ask the modders because I believe it came with one of the default shipped mods that add a plethora of guns to the game.

I’m not an expert on guns either but I always look them up and watch a few videos on them when I see them in games and the STEN is a really peculiar gun. A mass produced sub machine gun from WWII from the Brits. Looks like a home made stamped pipe gun but it still has a switch to change between full auto and semi auto and I suspect the game should include it then.

Thanks for the help again!