Stealing focus

Cataclysm is rude (in the software sense). It steals focus, even from the task manager in win7. I got perma-paralyzed by the Amigara Horrors and ended up having to reboot since they couldn’t get through my armour to kill me. Alt-tab wouldn’t work since Cataclysm kept stealing back focus and alt-f4 did nothing. I could ctrl-alt-delete out, but trying to bring up the task manager to shut down Cataclysm resulted in Cataclysm stealing focus again instantly. I waited about ten minutes for my character to starve to death, then ended up having to ctrl-alt-delete and reboot. 0.C stable, tiles, win7-64.

That is an odd one.

I dev/play on a Windows 7 system and I’ve not been able to replicate this.

Anybody else experience this before?

Could possibly be an SDL only thing, don’t know if you are running curses or SDL when you are doing your dev/playing.

I also play fullscreen, which might make a difference.

Could be the result on one of the responsiveness fixes.

Please just play experimental. They added sound!