StatsThroughSkills I-IV?

So what I read is you only use one of them.
I couldn’t find any info about the diffferences on the forum, only that they “recalculate differently” and stuff along those lines.
In my first game I just had all of them active, not knowing that they are just variants.

I don’t care about them being OP (another thing i read several times), I just like the idea of having that, but not sure which one to take.
Can somebody please clarify the basic differences for me?

Sidenote: Not sure if it’s because I’m colorblond, but the verificiation image on this site is almost impossible for me and the playback does not work. I need several tries and Request another images.

I’m not completely sure, but I think the history of the stats through skills mod was:
Stats through skills I - Stats increase linearly proportional to your skill levels. Due to lua limitations or something, your starting stats would be fixed at 8 8 8 8, which meant that putting points into stats at chargen was useless. It was better off putting the points into skills instead

Stats through skills II - Same as stats through skills I, but someone found linear increase OP (it was pretty OP), so this one had logarithmic increase. eg. need 2 skill to go up 1, 4 skill for the next stat increase, etc. I don’t recall the actual curve. Still had the same limitations as V1

Stats through skills III - Linear increase, but works with chargen stat changes. The key was checking skills every midnight and applying a buff, instead of directly setting the stats.
Stats through skills IV - Logarithmic increase, allows chargen stat changes.

I think the default version that comes with the game is IV, but I’m not sure.

Good explanation, but I think STS IV calculates every time you level something.

We’re both technically wrong.

STS IV from the CDDA launcher, which is the actual Stats through skills IV, recalculates every midnight.
STS that comes packaged with the game is also technically STS IV, but that one recalculates upon skill gain. So really it’s Stats Through Skills IV.I or something.

In any case, the version of STS that comes when you download the game should be the one you want to use.

Logarithmic increase is a bit too steep. I’ve seen one stat go above 12 once, with a well advanced character. Linear increases are of course too much, no one needs 20 in every stat, but still, I’d like to see some gains after I hit mid game, instead of reaching max early and never gaining again.

StatsThroughSkills III and StatsThroughSkills IV mods downloaded through CDDA launcher have exactly same formulas. There is only slight diifference in the lua code - version IV uses efftype_id type and will probably work in more recent experimental versions of CDDA. Bonus stats are applied through effects and are recalculated once a day using on_day_passed callback.

StatsThroughSkillsmod shipped with experimental CDDA have different formulas. Bonus stats are added directly to base stats and recalculated once a day using on_day_passedcallback, on new game start using on_new_player_created callback and after any skill is increased using on_skill_increased callback. There is also migration code from some older original version of the same mod. This version supports having any initial stats (either 8 8 8 8 or other combinations).

You can just open up the main.lua file under \data\mods\StatsThroughSkills\ and change the values.

The relevant line in question would be:

Specifically the part that says (1 / 2.46).
Changing 2.46 to a lower number will increase stat gain from skills.
Changing 2.46 to a higher number will decrease stat gain from skills.

1.46 will produce a mid to high skill level character (several skills at 8, most skills at 4-6) will stats in the 30s.

3.46 will produce the same character with stats in the mid to low teens.

Both assuming all 8’s at char gen, and skills gained via reading books.

So, i’ve got this installed StatsthroughskillsIV, but, i have not seen a sin gle stat increase since i started, and im into my mid-late 50’s day. I have skills of 9’s and 10s. So, when will i see some stat adjustments?

Check here.

The gist of it is that only the version that comes with the game currently works with the experimentals, but the link I provided goes to a topic with instructions to switch to it, so you’re not out your stat boosts. You will have to level up a skill again after changing to see the boosts, though.

Im not seeing the link your mentioning.

wait, wait, i’m just dumb. n/m