New start mod a little easy?

I think would be good if we could choose another mods in how the game starts. I know about Static Spawn True/False, but I feel that having to fight mutated zombies since the start is a little too hard. Sometimes I spawn next to a lot of super-ubber-power zbs who eat my ass just to see me.

What I would like to see is a option like the Static Spawn false, but spawning just normal zombies when the game starts and just after 90 min, or anything like that, those other superstronk brain eaters showing.

I’m sorry if I suggesting a silly thing, I’m a new player and I’m not sure how the community feels about how the game should progress.

Thanks for the amazing work.

check your map, and move in the opposite direction of the cities until you know how to handle yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

The idea of special zeds only spawning until later actually sounds pretty interesting, not quite as easy as dynamic spawns spawn delay, but not as hard as static spawn ALL the zombies. In the meantime, the wiki has a bunch of guides to help you start.

A system wherein static spawn could start out with standard zeds and gradually replace some with special types as they ‘mutate’ would actually be really cool.

this is the eventual plan actually.

Awesome! I very much look forward to seeing it implemented.

Oh yes, mutated Zed hounds. Sooo residentevilish.

We already have tentacle dogs. Let’s just go full Resident Evil/Parasite Eve on the game!

We already have tentacle dogs. Let’s just go full Resident Evil/Parasite Eve on the game![/quote]

Having climbed the Chrysler Building and achieved not only S but L rank, yeah, that could be interesting.

(I’m not interested in that other PE knockoff. Amnesia + clothing-destruction = Aya deserved better.)

I know, that’s why I think Bella should forget about Edward to come and play CataDDA with us. :slight_smile:
It’s the wolfsuit card we should draw for that matter.