Static NPCs stuck in infinite loop (build: 6695)

0.C gffc5540
Windows 10

When I visited the refugee center for the first time in several real-time days (and quite a few updates to the game), I was informed that there was an error with “NPC Clair Huston, Guard entered infinite loop.” This was followed with all other NPCs in the refugee center also entering infinite loops. Quite a few of them also had their brains explode.

I tried to start a new character in the same world, and the starter NPC immediately entered an infinite loop. Tried to generate a new world, same thing happened. Fresh install, still infinitely looping NPCs

The only times the NPCs do not enter infinite loops seem to be when
a) they have something to do, enemies to attack or a place to move towards
b) they have some immediate mission, a starter NPC with the infection mission did not enter an infinite loop.

Way to reproduce:
Generate a world with static NPCs. The starter NPC will probably enter an infinite loop, and if it doesn’t you can debug teleport to the refugee center where the NPCs always do.

I’ve tested this on my regular, modded-and-ported-over-multiple-experimentals-world, a new modded world, a new un-modded world and a fresh install of the game. I’ve also tried reverting to version 6690, the bug is still present.

EDIT: Further testing with prior versions show that the bug first appears in build 6690. It is not present in builds 6680-6689.

I am having the same problem with NPC infinite loop. Started 2 games today and both died right after this error.
Win 10 x64
0.C-23498-gffc5540 (tiles)

edit: I tried reverting to the last build that worked for me , but I still get this error. I just read on reddit that 6689 seems to be what I needed to revert to, instead of 6690.