Starting Situations and Classes for Arcana-Based Characters?

Yo, been a while since I’ve posted any suggestions at all.

But hey, since the Arcana mod is so cool, how about a few starting points where you begin in either a cultist hideout or one of the buildings with the high stained glass windows that’s presumably a base for hunters of the Nether creatures? Cultists would probably get skills in science, arcana, that kinda thing, and hunters would get skills and equipment based around, well, hunting. Archery, melee, arcana, stuff like that.

it’s already inside of arcana mod

Uh, are you sure? I was looking for it. I mighta just mistaken it for one of the Classic Roguelike Classes features, but I didn’t see something that specifically stated it was in it.

when choosing a scenario, there is a “seeker of the arcane” completely at the bottom - it has you starting in an arcanist enclave and has magical classes

Ah. Wow, cool. Thanks!