o.C - 9811-gdf0ad3d Arcana mod broke?

Looks like the entire arcana mod was broken by this version, had some mob errors and items errors and map tile errors. Everything looked like it was specific to the arcana mod.

It’s the bite attack rework. After it finds the first error in monster.json the game won’t load the rest of the mod, hence all the other errors.

Random_dragon has PR’d a fix for it, but if you want to play MEOW, you could edit arcana’s monster.json and make the changes yourself:

It’s 2 quick copy pastes in any text editor.

Okie dokie, nah ill just wait for the new update, I just went back to my last version which is from yesterday.

Sorry about that. I should’ve double-checked the bite change PR and either mentioned that mod content went unfixed, or PR’d a change sooner.

No worries, yall make this game better and better every day. I can’t complain cause a tiny bit breaks every now and then. I wish i could help out more than just pointing out bugs, but every time i attempt to look into the files for this game my head explodes… its quite a mess.

Said to the faildragon, who makes the source code catch on fire whenever he pokes it. o3o

To be fair, it only smoldered a bit this last time. Coolthulu was there to keep it from bursting into flame :wink: Progress!

P.s. congrats on getting the compiler working

And thank you, now hoping my latest source-related endeavor won’t be a glorious clusterfuck.