Start Vehicle Construction now requires specific frames to start(Version: 0.E-5175-g3f9c144)(Build #10923)

I’m using the version and build shown in the topic title, with Dark Days Ahead, Magiclysm, and Dinomod as my only content packs. I went to start building a vehicle using a light wooden frame, as I’ve done before in previous builds, and found that it is no longer a valid option to begin vehicle construction with. The allowed frames are:
Foldable Light Frame, Foldable Orichalcum Frame, Foldable Wooden Frame, Heavy Duty Frame, Mana Wheel, Orichalcum Frame, Steel Frame.

This excludes Light Wooden Frame, Wooden Frame, Extra-Light Frame, and possibly others. Is there a reason for this? Were these options intentionally excluded? Alternatively, is one of the content packs I chose creating this conflict?
(edit: I made a world without Magiclysm or Dinomod to see if they were causing the issue. Wooden, light wooden, and extra-light frames are still excluded as options.)

This was quite likely caused by this pull request and was probably not intended.

Edit: Pull request to fix this on its way:

Fantastic! Thank you so much. I didn’t know the proper channels to go through to have this diagnosed and addressed, so I’m glad you did.

Glad I could help :smiley: .

I got the impression that issues are addressed faster if they are posted on Github directly, but if you don’t have an account or don’t like dealing with Github in general, it will still get addressed eventually if posted here; so that’s totally fine.

Also, if you’re not sure if something works as intended and don’t want to or can’t dig through all the pull requests, The Garage Forum is the surely the right place to ask.

Also, good work including the version, build and mods, this helps to narrow it down quickly :+1: .

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