"glitch" refuses deathbed-save remained after death

The apparently aptly named Atlas “Glitch” Hyrogle refuses to die
Dead characters save didn’t go away. I don’t have it setup for world deletion, but I have autosave on.

Doing lab challenge and got mauled and killed by brute
"Rage" quit
came back started looking around and I was near where I was with same equipment
found my corpse chopped it up and saw that it had all the same clothes, weapon etc.

somehow my death duped the items, I didn’t do any save manipulation or anything. Could be something to do with wine? But I haven’t heard of any problems with that before. This seems to be a one time incident as the last couple deaths have occurred normally with character save deletion. Running the latest experimental as of 2 days ago.

edit:Hmm I am rather confused now… I seem to have gotten a double infection I don’t recall EVER having with my lab characters

Double Edit: second death seems to have solved everything. Maybe I just prevented proper termination of save with rage quit? Odd that my corpse and everything would still be there though…maybe I just did something doofy or am going loopy on lack of sleep.

Duplicate of (in no particular order):

The game saves the world (with corpse), asks for your last words (because those are part of the player data that goes into the graveyard), moves the player data to the graveyard (this step requires the last words to be known) and puts you back to the main menu. You stopped it before it could move the player data, so the you can continue with it.

Conclusion: don’t rage quit.

oh ok… my bad