Stable release 0.8 "Romero" Inventory bugged

The invenotry on the new stable release is buggged. ranging from two items to getting the same charachter, to the inventory not showing what charachter items are asigned too (I pressed “E” to consume food, “W” was asigned to water. i pressed “W”. it said “you dont have that item” when i went into inventory “I” “}” was assigned to water.) this bug has happened a lot.

Same here. There have been quite a few instances where I’ve selected the wrong item despite correctly pressing the key that, according to my inventory, corresponds to said item.

Also, items seem to change their designated key randomly at times. I’ve had to reassign the keys to these items quite a lot. I’ve noticed it happening frequently with reloadable items such as sewing kits. They would sometimes change keys upon being unloaded or reloaded.

This bug makes for some awkward moments when im carrying around bleach. acidently ate a goo canister too…

I’ve encountered this bug too, most frequently when using a pot/pan to make clean water. It’s not particularly uncommon for the clean and dirty water bottles to wind up assigned to the same hotkey, making the cleaned batch of water get wasted.

There’s another thread on this bug. Basically, every function which calls a subset of inventory has this problem.