Inventory key duplication

I am having trouble with making clean water due to inventory key duplication, oddly when i make the water even if i select a valid key it consumes the un clean water and never gives clean water, in my previous batch i tried to process 30 water units but due to the inability to select my gallon jug containers lost at-least 10 units, this does not seem to happen with plastic bottles though so I can process into that, just a pain in the but. The reason why I am posting this is because i have seen other posts and sections about it being fixed where it is clearly not fixed.

Do you have a none in your inventory?

I’ve noticed this, starting at 0.8 Stable it just has two items with the same key, the only way to deal with it is to manually assign a new key… and hope it doesn’t break both items. That, or consuming it and subsequently autodropping

This bug has been around at least since 0.5, a very old bug indeed.

I wonder if it’s the same thing I’ve been experiencing sometimes when crafting clean water. Where the listed key for the empty container changes when I go to the crafting menu item select screen even thou the new key it sometimes gives is listed to something else. I just press the key it was originally assigned when I viewed it in my inventory screen and it seem to work then. Still annoying thou.

its a big problem especially since I tend to use “” for clean water crafting meaning if i dont have a spare container that is not broken i lose the water