Stable 0.9 SDL, windows 7,spawning around pit defenses

Ok, so I am holed up in a mansion, and have a car pointed towards my room, knocked down a boarded window so I could see to read at night.
I have 3 layers of pits AND a layer of spiked pits around the window.
Because of the angle monsters are able to spawn in the ‘unseen’ pits, and sidestep the pits of death by walking out of the ‘unseen’ pits!
So far a cougar and 2 sewer rats have magically leaped through my defenses!
Annoying as hell so far.

The cougars leap is really more of a short range teleport from what I can tell, feral zombies do the same thing and can do interesting things like jump through a window and over the head of a char standing at that window all in one turn.

And the rats?
btw, don’t burn the lemons. Make them combustible and burn life’s house down.