So... Spike Pits

Hi… Anyways.

I’ve been watching some LP’s and trying to play along, and in one of these LP’s, one by Aavak, I got the strategy of circling my Evac Shelter with Spiked Pits, so that I don’t have to go hunting all the time and using up ammo that I can’t get back because I don’t have my Marksmanship high enough and there aren’t any zombies to “Blam! (You miss.)” the hell out of.

I noticed a few animals that went over those spiked pits and took no damage. Is that a bug in the experimental I’m playing in (experimental f0fb8a7)?

… Or maybe, squirrels are just too small to take damage in spiked pits… I guess? I tried it on a mi-go in a test map and he took damage, but rats or squirrels apparently don’t take any damage from spiked pits, nor do bobcats or bears.

Small animals ignoring traps has some support from code, but bears? Not so much.

How will I get easy food*** now?!


well sometimes monsters ignore traps just like players but having more than 1 tile wide wall of spiked pits will decrease chance of not triggering trap at all