Cougar teleports in room

Windows Console
Windows 7 32-bit

Character was reading “Under the Hood” inside safe house next to a window. A cougar appeared outside. After a couple of times skipping the question if I wanted to stop reading I suddenly got hurt. Finally stopped reading and got aware, that the cougar was inside now. Killed it and searched the room for possible points of entry: All windows and doors closed, all walls without a scratch. Only the basement stairs have been in the same room, but the basement itself is not connected to anything outside.

I guess it got in via the windows. Are you using tiles? Might have been the tile wasn’t changed, but the window got damaged…

I don’t use tiles and all windows have been closed and weren’t even scratched.

they will in fact teleport. you can be standing in the window with a pit in front of you and every adjacent tile, the cougar will ‘leap’ into the room and clear any danger with no damage. I suspected they would do so if they could define a tile nearby through a wall with sight or something…guess they can

Teleporting cougars = “jumping”.

Hm… so it is possible for every leaping creature to “teleport” into rooms?

It shouldn’t be. I’m almost positive we already fixed that but once before.

Well, they are still doing it in the experimental I picked up on the 11th. Into bathrooms with 1 tile wide windows fairly often, ferals as well.
I also see other zombies get teled into a room (as in im standing inside the window, Zs suddenly appear behind me, window is the only open way in) when a big pile of them tries to go at a 1 tile wide window. I play with spawns on 1.5 and you dont see it often, but it does happen.

Definitely something to look into then.