Sewer rats OP

Windows 7

Hi! I don’t know whether i should post this here, or some other place, it’s not really a “bug” But this thread was the closest i could get to it actually being the right place…

Sewer rats are OP! I can’t even survive without one of them severely f***ing up my day. They are so hard to hit! Really, one time i stood and fought with one for hours, where it was just steadily degrading my HP, untill i died, this was one of my best games, and a single sewer rat messed it up! Seriously, please make it, just so much so you can actually hit them! Otherwise i enjoy playing your game very much, [/color][glow=red,2,300]keep up the good work!!![/glow]

Try throwing stuff at them.

Gotten several complaints, I’m wondering if size/speed/dodge are conspiring to make them more effective at dodging than they should be.

Well, they are dodgy in real life, but maybe they should be really weak. I don’t think they should do much damage. I ignora what damage they deal. I think there should be a system for some animals to only give pain, until they ive a critical and then they injure you.

In real life they would have to be physically crawling on your body to do damage, which should make hitting them in melee easy, not impossible for anyone not expert in melee combat. What about attaching a 1-turn self-debuff-on-attack to rats’ attacks, so that they’re easy to fight off but hard to chase down and murder if they’re running away?

(Or just making sewer rats afraid of people, like they are in real life.)

(…Or just removing sewer rats from the game. Since when are there sewer rats in rural New England?)

Um… having a rat latched onto your leg and biting you makes it easier to safely hit them with say, an axe? Also have you ever seen squirrels chasing each other? Imagine the tree that they’re running around on is a person that they’re biting. Doesn’t seem to make it easier at all. That’s a side issue to the game though.

The pain thing is already partially addressed by their attack target limitation, they can only attack your legs until a leg gives out, then it assumes you fall and they can finish you off.

I’m not sure a “latch on to attack” type thing is called for, seems like it’d get complicated.

Perhaps the latching on can be simulated by gaining one free attack for each regular attack landed. Sort of like the grappler, but limited to one freebie. Not that that’s really the point of this thread :x

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