Spontaneous combustion?

I was driving my megatank looterbike when it exploded, and the fireball nearly
tookout half the town, How? Why?

Well, my best guess for the bike taking out half the town is probably the amount of gas you had in it, the size of the explosion depends on the amount of gas, and they REALLY boosted storage capacity in some recent updates without changing the explosion system… yeah…

Now as for the explosion in and of itself, hitting things tends to damage parts of your vehicle, shrubbery, creatures, walls, etcetra. Probably hit one of them without realizing it.

Gas tanks have big explosions. Forgot why.

Combustion engines in 20XX work with antimatter

Combustion engines in 20XX work with antimatter[/quote]
Gasoline confirmed for made of exotic deep-space particles.

Also landmine.

I must have been the gas tanks, they were many.

No, Chaz. You are the gas tanks.
And then Chaz was a gas.