Neither Gasoline nor Diesel are explosive in liquid form

A completely full tank of gasoline will not explode like tnt, even if you tossed a match in it. A nearly empty tank, on the other hand, has a high volume of explosive vapor…big boom, a bit of shrapnel and then its done. There probably wouldn’t even be a fire in that case. In a car accident where the fuel tank is damaged, the real killer is from a spark igniting some spilled fuel which ignites the plastic, rubber and fabric in the car, which can then lead to an explosion as the tank empties and the fuel gets heated. It takes time and while it can lead to a big problem, if you are conscious and not trapped somehow, generally you have enough time to get out and to a safe distance before the car becomes a raging inferno and possibly explodes. Of course, we are building cars out of duct tape and scrap metal, so probably more likely to have issues.

On a side note, how about a chance to blow up a gas tank while removing it when your skill levels are low? It’ll be FUN!

This article that was at the top of my google search for “gas tank explosion” uses big words and science to explain what happens in a car crash:

We actually merged a PR just yesterday that vastly decreases the chance of gasoline exploding in car wrecks, and makes it so that diesel will basically never explode unless it’s taking some form of heat damage (there’s still a minuscule chance that it can happen, since it does happen very, very rarely in the real world). The PR also greatly decreased explosion sizes from a lot of the gas tank explosions in-game as well. Check out the latest experimental version and give it a whirl!

So BOOM! We’re so good we’ve already put in at least a partial fix for your problem! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats awesome! All of you do amazing work on this game, its my favorite survival game. Thank you :slight_smile:

Intereresting, though I’m guessing the nerf PR didn’t make the explosiveness inversely proportional to fuel percentage? XP

No, didn’t go quite that far. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh well. On the one hand, I’m sad because I presumably can’t bust bunkers with fuel tanks now. On the other hand, I won’t have explosive deaths from being dumb enough to put the tanks up front.

I’ve had multiple deaths due to explosions from running over moose/brute/hulk and other critters because the corpse damages or dies under the car and damages an tank.

Thank you for this change.

You need to play around with explosives and the RC cars more. It’s good fun.