Seemingly Random Explosion? V2e9fcf9 SOLVED

I was smashing down a wall with a sledgehammer, when an explosion appeared (A massive one btw) and killed me, it came from the other side of the wall.

I had just completed my ‘smoke-free’ gas generator and was clearing space to allow jumper cables to light my base and an explosion occurred around where I had placed the muffler. I am sure I had turned off the engine, so I don’t know what happened (Or why it exploded)?

To make the generator I had used the isolated office in the Public Works building, made a frame that spanned the length of the room, used the Board part to make the smoke unable to pass through and set the muffler on the other side.
It was working just as I had hoped, I have the outline from memory (Nothing left now)
<a : Controls, headlight, Board and steel Frame
<b : The engine a 1 liter gasoline powered, the car alternator, the battery (Car), and I think the gas tank?
<c : A shutter door for entry/observation
H : a frame and a muffler
l : A frame and board

   H l

I used the glitch to go back to my bases bedroom and it was all still on fire, thick smoke and explosions (Plural!) are still spreading, I have lost everything and probably going to have to make a new character after this…

So before I try to make another engine, does anyone know why it went kaboom?

Update: I have made a free standing version and am now studying it to see what happened. I used some wishes to speed things up.

So I have continued my tests, and I might have figured out what MAY have caused the explosion.

When I smashed the wall it could have caused debris to fall down on the generator, but would that alone cause it to blow?
Especially if it wasn’t on?

EDIT: After knocking some nearby walls down, the debris fell on the engine and caused it to immediately explode!
The roof collapsing caused the explosion, will have to remember this for the future…

Engines shouldn’t explode. Filled gas tanks definitively do.