Spitter acid is way too effective against full body suits like RM13 combat armor

Is unpowered RM13 Combat Armor supposed to be destroyed in a single hit from spitter acid? It went from reinforced to destroyed in a single turn. It’s insanely overzealous.

Well, Xenomorph acid went through Hick’s armor pretty well back in Aliens. Acid’s nasty stuff!

Are you sure it was just one hit? I’ve typically had clothing evaporate when I had 2 or more spitters firing at me, but usually 1 just damages clothing. The only thing you can do about this now is wear a bunch of expendable clothing on the outside.

There was 1 spitter and the armor was destroyed the same turn it spit at me. There were no other enemies in sight actually.

RM13 includes boots and is made of ceramic and kevlar. Ceramic might last a while v. acid, but kevlar does not. So if you were in a strong acid field, that probably did it.

So it’s intended to be able to damage a Kevlar item 6 times(I believe thats the number of times for a reinforced item to be destroyed) simultaneously? Jesus.

I’m going to say this looks like a bit of a bug.

Testing the RM13 versus acid yields some interesting results: if you toss a suit in a pool of acid it just sits there as it should, undamaged. However if you wear the armor and get hit by a spitter-zombies’s attack it is usually destroyed outright.

edit: Looks like worn armor doesn’t actually provide any real resistance against acid; it just sorta melts away. I don’t imagine it’s going to be a difficult fix though.

second edit: It wasn’t.

You’re awesome Rivet :smiley:

Honestly, this sounds like possibly 2 issues combining:
1.) Clothing that should be a bit resistant not having any (which was already dealt with)
2.) Clothing on multiple body parts taking damage multiple times at once from area based attacks due to them affecting more than one of said body parts.

The 2nd, which arguably could justify them taking more damage in one turn, does put multi body part armors like suits at a significant disadvantage. Though it is sensible that an area attack would damage multiple parts of an armor at once, this basically means a “little” damage in multiple places breaks the entire armor because it has the same amount of damage levels as a single body part armor piece.

Realistically, even if some sections of the armor were entirely destroyed, that doesn’t mean the whole armor should be destroyed. Likewise, if each body-part segment of the armor takes damage that would reduce a normal armor piece by 1, it should also be reduced by 1 because the overall armor piece has lost a single level of integrity from every segment. This seems to be a side effect of the current clothing system rather than a bug (if I am correct on how this works… I’m not entirely sure that I am but this is how this is sounding). Such a problem could probably be resolved by dividing multi body part armors into their individual segments and tracking damage separately, but that would probably require a significant change.

A more simple solution at the moment is to limit the number of times an area or ground based “attack” or “acid” or whatever can actually affect the same piece of armor at once. Although not quite as realistic of a solution, it would work within the existing clothing system.

This does leave, in my opinion, a similar problem that some might argue is fair but I still think is a bit limiting and that is that multi body part armors have a significant disadvantage in combat vs separate pieces in general because the total number of hits before it can be destroyed is the same as the total number of hits any single piece of single body part armor. This means that going into heavy battles with such an armor gives it a much greater chance of being completely destroyed even though it is facing the same amount of abuse simply because it is treated as a whole instead of a collection of different parts.

I do not, however, actually know how the current armor damage is calculated, and if multi body part armors have any kind of advantage in resisting being damaged because of this, but from what I have experienced pieces that cover more parts tend to take damage more often and get closer to total destruction in individual fights than partial covering pieces. This is particularly noticeable with items like a union suit, which even on the bottom layer with other armors on top, can sustain serious damage in a single melee engagement.