Special Forces vs Cataclysm

Highly trained, organized, intelligent, motivated, and brave. They are capable of adapting to difficult or even extreme situations. They use unconventional tactics. Special Forces undergo an extensive survival training. Operators know how to survive or even dwell in every natural environment. When it comes to fighting with monsters, their muscle memory is an enormous advantage. They work in groups where each operator is an expert in a given field connected with military and survival…

… yet we see ordinary people with baseball bats but no special forces operators. Why? Are they all dead? Although they are only humans after all, they are tough as nails. Grom, Formoza, BOPE, Green Berets, SEAL, Delta Force, SAS, Sayeret Matkal, Spetsnaz are easy to kill? I do not think so.

I am aware of the fact that shoggoths, hulks, mi-gos etc are much more dangerous than untrained militia shooting from the hip with an old AK-47 but this is still strange to think that special operators would die so easily.

It would be great to encounter a single special forces operator or a group of them. As in ‘Rogue Survivor’, they would be an enormous aid for the player.

A: They were deployed to the highest threat zones, and were overwhelmed by sheer numbers. No amount of training is going to save you from a wall of hungry flesh oozing out from around every corner, alleyway, window and door.

B: They are still operating out of a location far away from you. Battleships and aircraft carriers, already floating cities, are the hold out for what remains of the military, using their mobile sea forts to raid up and down along coast lines to keep their machines running, magazines filled, and bellies silent.

C: The military went full vault-tec and are weathering out the storm in secure bunkers in the middle of no where.


edit: sorry whong information portal storm didn’t start in new england.
after things started going south elswhere the military decided to abandon new england as a lost cause and called a general evacuation of military personel. This is one of the reasons why theren’t any live soldiers left in new england (as far as i’m awere of anyway) becease any personel still alive would have been redeployed to other part of the US. Especially any special forces would have been given priority since they are some of the most combat effective formations the military has.

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I see. No luck this time. It would be great to see how special forces cope with hordes of zombies, monsters and other dangers. Like HECU in Half-Life

could be an idea for a mico-faction a squad of special forces sitting somewhere in the woods after being cut of from the rest of the military

Most of the army was also busy being deployed in Asia, as troops movement was reported there right before disaster struck.

wouldn’t they likely have been recalled as things got really bad?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the Old Guard fellas a mix of feds and military?

That was my understanding of it. Regardless, Special Forces operators aren’t immune to the large scale events that damaged and destroyed large sections of the world leading up to when our characters start out, and as mentioned, would have been put out into the shit or pulled out.

Even a very populous Special Forces unit like the Green Berets measure in the few thousand, and between the previously mentioned Asian deployments (Is that still Canon? I think it is), the general shit of being the guys thrown into the worst scenarios, and casualties from the subsequent nuclear strikes and assorted environmental catastrophes, I’d be surprised to find more than a handful of special forces operators rolling around. Survivors are likely to be aligned with something like the old guard, or player characters who rolled a spec ops character in the first place.

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Right. I was going to suggest the dudes you meet in the vault quest were probably some spec group at one time or another. They certainly seem like it.

They were at least in the process of being recalled, judging by the fact that you can’t walk more than a kilometer without running into 10 or more downed helicopters full of armed soldiers.

Can you point me to where the current lore says this so I can fix it?

It used to be in the old timeline (on the wiki), but has been changed.