Spawn rate 3.0 + 16 size city = over 9000 zombies

I just found a 16 size city. I’m faster than the thousands of zombies there (classic zombies and 50% speed) but I set spawn rate to 3.0, which makes hunting significantly easier and raiding much harder. I also set city size to 16 size. When you put it into perspective, it’s 4x larger than 4 size city. I think it would take in-game years (91 day seasons!) to clear it out. What say you?

Hard to tell. Like, currently have 90k creatures total killed by my survivor; around 24k of those irridated wanderers, and let’s generously say that maybe 10k-20k of those were non-zombie creatures. It’s almost the end of my survivor’s second year, around 140 days left (91 day seasons). That said, chunks of the time spent so far were spent not killing, so it’s kinda hard to tell how quickly you can empty a 16 size city.

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