Urban Nightmare run

I wanted to try something different, so I turned city size to 25 (max) as well as starting points (turns out I severely overestimated the difficulty of a big city; I should have turned the spawn rate up too). It was intense at the beginning though. The most interesting thing is apparently there’s no room for bunkers, so you spawn in the open. I came to floating in a pool with 14 zombies surrounding me.

I took fleet-footed, so I just kind of Benny-Hill-ed around the city until I found a gun shop. I’m sure the only reason I survived the day is my starting points in dodge…

I came out better with a large city. I think it was a 14 size city and couldn’t spawn a bunker. I popped up in the closet of a grocery store. I lived there for days, eating the .3 item spawn food and reading the books. Then I had to leave for more food and water. Didn’t end well. The surrounding city was less forgiving then my grocery store bunker.

Decent statted char, makeshift crowbar and a 1 tile wide window solve all your problems

now that is a challenging start.

how did you do?

[quote=“youtoo, post:4, topic:4528”]now that is a challenging start.

how did you do?[/quote]

I’m a week in. After the first day it got way too easy. Here’s how the first day went:

I found a packed LAW or whatever. It took out 10, but I was disappointed the gas station didn’t go up with it or at least catch on fire…

Trap fields are fun to lead hoards through repeatedly.

This should be my last stand,

but my dodge was too high…


Then I set up in a grocery store. I encounter hoards if I push out to neighboring streets, but I’ve got plenty of firepower. I’m just messing around now.