Spawn liquid with mutation

Created a simple mutation based on the spider one to create milk, but nor do I know how to pour it into a container nor how to spawn it with the container. (Only modified the mutation.json file, the rest of the codes are black boxes to me currently)

(Not important, just the story behind it.) Can you imagine? A world without your morning coffee or cereal and the last cow you saw was seasons ago. The shops and abandoned homes yet to surprise you with the only thing that survived this long. Powdered milk. But worry not the solution is here! Kill a scientist, take his lab card, find a lab, get in and out with the mutagens and recipes alive, craft the cattle mutagen, survive the changes and whoala fresh milk from the tap… Except not, it is not included. Sorry player but the milk is in the other cattle.

Currently, the mutation to not splash milk on the ground gives powdered milk. But I’m interested to know how to make this work, even it will require an item just for this purpose.

(A small note) Back then were a build where spider mutation worked thru crafting without the rope creating, it would have eased the problem, but not this mutation nor the rope one works anymore.

I’d suggest making it work more like the “aero-vaporator” cbm. That might be the best place to start since it gives you the option to drink it or place it with a container. Check out the code for that and maybe just make a straight copy paste and change clean water to milk.

Even if it doesn’t work exactly right it should give you a better jumping off point to work from.