[SoundPack] CO.AG SoundPack (v1.1_02-Mar-19) + (Only the Music) Alternative Addon



Hi guys, I was testing the new sounds in the game looking for errors in the audio and putting it to the test. I’m delaying the update a bit because I want to avoid multiple downloads in a short space of time. Right now I’m trying to add as much as possible before releasing the v.1.1. After putting the new sounds to the test I decided to leave the sounds of the weather for the next update, because I did not like the result and I do not want to release something that does not feel good, just need a bit more of time but fortunately I got new stuff for you guys in a few hours.

The new update also brings all the audio files with new names, why? to avoid large downloads in the future updates. Also several audio tracks from RRFSounds have been deleted, some of those sounds are not going to be used anymore, so I’ve decided to clean all the folders and prepare them for future updates and reduce the size of the mod files. I was studying how to handle the next updates in a simple way, with small downloads and easy “copy-paste” installation. I want to simplify the process for the users, taking in consideration that CO.AG SoundPack has not yet been included in the CDDA-launcher, (I’m still waiting for the answer). In summary: The new update will be published shortly.

yes! I’ll do that. If you do not see activity here, it’s because I’m busy working on it. but I will try to share all the news and the new changes as soon as possible.

Thank you for the nice comment! :slightly_smiling_face:


New update version 1.1 added! :biohazard:

WARNING: (if you are going to update the soundpack from v1.0 to v1.1 delete the previous folder called “CO.AG SoundPack” completely, Then copy the new folder). This is important, many changes have been made, several files was deleted and the name of all files has been changed.

this is the changelog:

– New sounds with multiple variations for: steps: (barefoot, dirt, grass, metal, water, tarmac)
– New Alarm sound.
– New smash sounds: (hit metal, hit wood)
– Large explosion sound volume has been slightly reduced (destroy the abominations!, not your ears!)
– Multiple changes in the soundset.json. All files names edited, expanded sound variations, fixed some loud volumes.
– Moving on to this Obstacle sound is now deaf (now the sound is the same as the ground on which the character is walking).
– All the audio tracks renamed for future updates.
– Removed old audio tracks that will never be used again to reduce the weight of the soundpack.


Okay bud, redownloading it :slight_smile:


If you find any bugs please report it, any suggestions are really welcomed, don’t be shy! Thank you so much guys & girls, keep safe out there!


Sweet I’ll test it and come back with some feedback. Thanks again for your work.


Thank you so much, I really appreciate it, any help or constructive critic is welcomed :slightly_smiling_face:


Grenade explosion sounds like a gunshot.


Ok I’ve tried out the CO.AG sound pack version 1.1 for a couple hours now. Early impressions are, druuum roooll pls. It’s an outstanding sound pack. Good high quality sounds all around. The music really adds to the atmosphere of the game. Rejoice! No more annoying sound when walking over tall grass. Great work! I think you achieved what you set out to do. I really hope you continue to update it and continue improving it further to make it the best it can possibly be. :slight_smile:

Heres some feedback, hope it helps make the sound pack even better. A lot of it revolves mainly around missing sounds to add or changing certain ones. All the sounds you have in your soundpack currently are high quality and I didn’t see any bugginess or glitchiness in my initial play through. Amazing stuff man.

Here goes…

  • I noticed that some sounds are missing when you hit different objects like trees, walls or when you destroy small trees, stuff like that. I also noticed that the sound for punching someone bare handed, hitting them with the stock of a rifle or hitting them with a hockey stick all sound like you are swinging/smashing someone with a metal shovel. Bug or maybe those sounds are a stand in until you get a chance to update them? Anyhow, I decided to point it out just in case it was a bug.

  • The opening door sound doesn’t sound like you are opening the door. It sounds like you are removing a latch or fiddling with the door to lock it. Maybe i need more time to get used to it? All in all its a high quality sound and im probably just nit picking. lol

  • Window smashes sound good but when you remove the left over glass from the window frame the sound isn’t loud enough. It gives the impression that you stealthily removed the left over glass when in reality the in game sound indicator registers an 11, which is sure to attract the Z’s. The sound that is currently there is named small_glass_fragments. It would make for a great sound effect when walking over glass but not for when you are removing the leftover glass from the window frame imo.

  • Needs a sound for when you fail to pry open a window and the glass shatters. The in game sound indicator registers a 23!? Thats louder than when you purposely smash the window to get in which the game registers a 15, i did not even realize it was that loud lol I should have ran like hell when i failed to pry open windows XD


You might want to use a sound that loops a bit better for walking across floors. Was walking through a manor and it sounded quite odd. A series of distinct double steps over and over that really didn’t mesh together well. I also found battle a little quiet, which is quite something given the 30+ zombies beating on both me and my vehicle, Full auto grenade launchers firing, and swarms of screeching zombies howling up a storm in a never ending bloodbath that kept pouring in endlessly. Swapping between RRFSounds and CO.AG was night and day as far as battles go, CO.AG sounded a calm affair and RRF sounded like I was going to die, horribly.

The music was pretty damn nice though, and most of the rest I had no complaints. I do hope you bring back something for walking through grass and stuff though, was weird having it quite so quiet walking through the field though that may be because I’m used to an endless series of parkour noises blaring n my ears every step and driving me up the wall. Something nice and subtle would probably make a nice middle ground, just so I don’t forget that I’m suffering a movement penalty for not stepping carefully.


Wow guys! first of all, thanks for your time. I’m trying to test everything but I have not real time to play the game right now and test everything in a long-run game, that’s why I’m asking for your help. Also when you are editing sounds and music for days (mastering the audio, working on loops, removing distortions and fixing clipping), you reach a point where you do not perceive the details in the same way and need to put it aside for a while. This also happens to me when I compose music or remastering audio tracks. (If you have worked with sound before or music composition, you will understand what I say.) that’s why I also need your ears!

Yes agree, thanks for the point, I will change it.

@PotatoOfJustice Man, many thanks for your time, and for the detailed information, it helps me a lot to quickly find any issues, and again thanks for your words.

About the tree sounds: yes you’re right, the sound is already in the soundpack but not yet coded (I’m working on it right now, there is multiple tree types so more work to do). About the hit sound you’re right too, it is a generic sound and would be changed for different ones depending what kind of item or hit/smash is applied, it needs more work in the soundpack code too (I’m going to work on this too for the next update).

I personally do not get that feeling, but anyway, the sound of the door is from RRFSounds and it will be replaced by another new one, so do not worry! :slightly_smiling_face:

Completely agree with you, the glass sounds are going to be reworked for make proper sense inside the game in relation with the game sound registers. I want to add more sound variations for broken glass and windows, even glass doors from the lab.

Ha! :rofl: Ok buddy I’ll keep it in mind, 23 is loud yes, It is strange that the noise is louder than when you violently hit the window and it breaks. I will look at this more carefully as soon as I finish the other tasks, but yeah it needs a different sound.

@Tazeell Thanks again for your time sir, I had problems with these step sounds because when I was working on it was late at night and I was very tired, I did not perceive the same details in the sound, but I feel somehow, that something was not right, as you say indeed the “double step” like sound, I’m going to rework all of those sounds. That’s why your help is very important, as I say above.

This is interesting, I need more details about this or be more specific, what is calm? the weapon sounds? explosions? smash sounds? monster sounds? the overall volume of everything?

About the music thanks! glad to hear that! :slightly_smiling_face: and yeah I have the same feeling right now about the obstacle sound, but I will give it a try and a few more days too see if it feels good in the game. I was also accustomed to the constant “bump sound” when going through obstacles, so accustomed that it used to bother me constantly and now I miss it, haha, It’s weird. I know that when stepping on any obstacle it reduces my speed, I don’t really need a sound for that because of my actual knowledge of the game. But anyway, I had already foreseen this, in case I decided to go back and add a sound to the obstacles again, if you look inside the soundpack folder [env / walk]: there are 9 sounds called gear_jiggle. Those sounds are there in case I want to fall back with this decision. I am a person open to changes, as long as the changes are for the best. This is another example why your opinion is very important guys.


Mmm I don’t know how to describe it, I think a lot of it is the silence of the zombies though I’ll admit to not being overly eager to hop back into a battle quite like that again so soon. I know in RRF zombies can groan rather noisily, especially in mass and adding that in with loud attack noises, fabric ripping, cries of pain, thunking blocks, and steel plating being bashed and swiping wildly with desperate halberd strikes it really sounds like your going to die when they all combine. I’m pretty sure somewhere in there some of the stuff going on didn’t have sounds or the sound was too quiet for what it needed to be. It was just eerily quiet during it and pinpointing particulars missing is difficult with so much going on at once and a desperate desire not too lose a particularly long lived character. It was very distinctly lacking audio impact whenever I toggled CO on during it though. I swapped between multiple times during the fight and it was consistent in that.

You could always try spawning up a SWAT Truck and a zerg rush of zombies and give it a few test runs.


Alright I’m going to put it to the test too and create a new world with city size 16 and distance 0, spawn as soldier or Swat, increase the monster spawn, enable debug mode and test different weapons and try it in the most harsh way possible to find what is wrong here. I’m going to recheck the whole audio code too just in case if some line was missing or if some mistake was made by typing. thanks again!


Hi guys & girls, I added a new alternative option and a new link for this soundpack:

CO.AG SoundPack (Only the Music) Alternative Addon: as an alternative option for those looking for total customization of their game. This addon can be merged with other soundpacks (for example: “2ch soundpack”).

The link is in the description, more options are always good. upload it to NexusMods too but I’m getting lot of problems trying it because seems like the Nexus doesn’t take my folder correctly or can’t upload it. I’m going to keep trying in the next hours.

CO.AG SoundPack (Only the Music) Alternative Addon: as an alternative option for those looking for total customization of their game. This addon can be merged with other soundpacks (for example: “2ch soundpack”)


Maybe remove nature bird sounds.
Not what many birds in cataclysm. Maybe like wind and ocasional growls of zombies in the distance.
I am thinnkin Racon City but with way less zombie and crow sounds maybe.
Kinda what i imagine cata sounds like, not exactly like it, but something in this spirit


Also those 3 music loops of “Danger” kinda gets old after a while.
Not sure, maybe remove them. And they overlap over music what is playing at the moment.


Wow, congrats bro, you’re now the official soundpack of Rycon Roleplays, that’s pretty awesome!


Oh wow! it’s an honor that Rycon and Vormithrax are using my mod! I am a subscriber of both and watch their videos almost every day. makes every hour that I put on this worthwhile sincerely, I’m very happy. :slightly_smiling_face:


Heya Skybreach. YouTube is giving me a music copyright claim on a couple episodes i just uploaded. They only hit two episodes out of about 16 which is a bit weird and are only identifying about 25 seconds that is smack in the middle of one particular song.

Here is the track info they tagged - Copyrighted content: Lonely Soul NoPno-Ah 2-Filtered

You can view/listen to the track at 6:04:05 of the episode linked below-


Ok Vormithrax thanks for the report, I’ll look at it tonight and see what happens. It’s weird because all the music in this soundpack is royalty-free as said by co.ag and I’ve checked them one by one when I was working on these, just to be sure. Maybe it’s a false positive that sometimes happens or maybe: (I hope not, that Co.ag took that song from another author) I doubt it, but I do not rule out anything. I have to look at it more closely, and sorry for the late response.


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