Sorcerer Class/Bionics in general

I tried the sorcerer mod class, it was meant to be quite weak but it had a finger-mounted lazer that cost 50 power.

Now I was under the impression that because you only basically have 5 shots it would at least 1 shot or near 1 shot a standard zombie.

But after testing I noticed it would nigh never even hit unless u had 20 points in perceptions even at point blank range.

When it does with 20 perception it does about 4 more damage than a melee hit with no strength or skills…

Simply put I’m just suggesting that perhaps bionics like this could at least do a tonne of damage to at least 1 shot standard enemies, as you’ll only be using them extremely sparingly

Same with the chain-lightning, if it even hits it better at least kill basic stuff as you’ve only got 2 shots.

It would make you feel like a mage in DnD you’re all scared without your spells but when you got them up you can atleast know they are extremely reliable whilst you have the power to cast them.

Atm it’s just a joke, you need like 20 point cost in perception just to do a weak melee hit that you can only use 5 times before you’re pooped out…

How was your skill in Marksmanship and Rifles? Those effect the ranged Bionic Weapons.

Do they? That’s interesting, odd but interesting, it’s a shame they do as again even if they hit all teh time they are super weak.

But marksman and rifles was 0

Yeah, that’s the thing. High skills increase firearm damage.

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh ok ok cool!

What one increases the damage for all ranged bionics? Rifles or marksman?

Both. Marksman is for Ranged what Melee is for Melee Weapons and Unarmed Combat. However, specific skills give a bigger bonus.

The thing that annoys me is how are you meant to understand what random weapons affects what random bionic, it’s something in your body for god sake it’s not a rifle or a sub-machine gun.

I mean, that seems like something that’d definitely help.

Anyway, FBA and Chain Lightning are Rifles, Finger Mounted Laser (which is in the base game) is Handguns, Bionic Claws use unarmed and Monomolecular Blades use Cutting Weapons.

To he fair, Finger Mounted Laser is the only true handgun in the game.