Sometimes when I pick up a weapon I forget how to do karate

Happened twice today, was wielding karate, picked up a weapon, unwielded the weapon, and only had fists

Press _ . It leads to the martial arts selection menu.


“Hey, that looks like a nice gun…I FORGET MATH.”

Hahah exactly how I had envisioned it

Yay! A bottle of vodka! I FORGOT HOW TO BREATHE!

is ths is what this thread has become? if so i will join. finds food. I forgot how to look.

[quote=“Mrnocamera, post:2, topic:2425”]Press _ . It leads to the martial arts selection menu.[/quote]When you pick up a weapon, just press w- to store the weapon get back to your currently selected style.

It seems to me to be a bug that pressing w followed by the letter of the weapon that was picked up wields fists rather than the previously wielded style.