Add an option to remove currently wielded item

It’d be neat if the current key for unarmed combat (_) would have an option added to remove from your hands the currently wielded item (0: Wield nothing / 1: No style / etc).

There’s several instances when this would come handy, as before trying to pick something particularly heavy and voluminous. I’m finding myself in useless loops plenty of times: try to grab big item -> being asked to drop wielded item -> drop wielded item -> try to get it again to place it in the inventory -> being asked if I want to drop big item and take previously wielded -> etc.

With that option you’d put your wielded item back in your inventory first, try if you can carry the new big item, and if not, OK, move on or decide by yourself which item to drop to make space.

w- unwields.

Is that a suggestion for a more appropriate key?
Because pressing (w) when wielding something certainly only make the “You’re already wielding that!” message.

Press w, then the - key.

Ok, thanks. That was confusing.