[0.9 stable "Ma" with Hotfix] Pocket, hot, hands

You will put your hand into your pocket event if it’s hot.

especially annoying because i’m using an martial art.

I could wield something but i don’t have any weapon for martial art yet.

Use your knife…?

If with thoose 3 words you mean wield a knife, even if it don’t stop the buff of my martial art, i would loose a lot of “to hit” stat. By idea.
I knowi could wield something while no fighting, but it will still give me reduce speed while fighting and would be really annoyign to switch anyway.

Ah, touche. Hmm…

Go into pawn shops and try to find a punch dagger or make those nail hand things.

no offense, I see you wanted to help, but you don’t get it at all.

this post is here only to ask if someone could change this, because it’s a pointless bad part of a nice feature. I don’t ask help; i know how i could fix it myself, by wielding something. I’v written it in my first post.

If you want to know the hidden part of this, i’m actually trying to chalenge myself with a hight number spawn rate, so trying to scavenge in town is not possible in early game. it’s also not really my priority to make an almost useless weapon while i’m starving/ need to find water. (In case you want to anwser to this, i say useless because yes it’s useless to have a weapon if youdie because of a lack of food or water)

no offense, I see you wanted to help, but you don't get it at all.

Amen. Exact same experience with Mr. Ninja when I posted a bug. The purpose of this section isn’t gameplay tips or workarounds and your posts seem petulant.