[Some of the latest experimental] Lighter

I didn’t discover that bug myself, it was said by someone else, but anyway, here’s a problem. If you disassemble, say, empty lighter, you will always get “pilot light” which is essential to craft lighter. So when you craft a lighter out of given pilot light, you get a full lighter essentially refueling the first lighter using nothing (well, 6 game seconds, but converting time to gasoline is interesting magic).

I don’t know whether it still exists (I’ve dropped cataclysm for a while), but I checked it on my [468c52e] version and it works.

BTW seems like it might affect everything similar to lighters in terms of charge (random charge upon creation).

Pretty sure lighters aren’t craftable. If they are, that’s probably a bug.

Reversible recipes involving lighters should return the lighters used to craft them, not create new ones.

You can get a recipe to craft a lighter, but only with the debug menu.

Is that so? The one who told me about the bug also said it’s possible to learn the recipe by disassembling lighters.

В моей кате явно что-то не так... Персонаж точно учил рецепт зажигалки. Но он умер.
Apparently something is not right about my CataDDA... I am sure my character managed to learn the recipe. But he's died. -- Translation

UPD: Tried to learn the recipe by disassembling lighter and it didn’t work. Probably he misundestood something. Not-A-Bug then.