Lit up status doesn't go away

I smoked a cigar by activating it off the ground and the lit up status on my character is still there, this seems ti be a bug.

Are you sure your character does not carry any light emitting object (phone, flash light, atomic light)? Or was your character boomered lately?

If not, what build version do you play on?

He didn’t have any light and i’m playing experimental version 10589

It is not a bug. It is the devs messing with you for spawning in a lighter.

Just tested in build version 0.E-10600. Placed one cigar on the ground and (a)ctivated it. Checked status (lit up). Waited until the cigar was finished. Checked status again (no longer lit up).
It was either fixed in between releases (which seems unlikely, as I’ve checked the merges and didn’t see anything that should have fixed this) or it is something else.

Things you could try:

  • Drop everything. Everything you’re wearing. The item you are wielding. Everything that may remain in your inventory. Walk one or two steps away onto tiles that don’t contain any items. Check status if it worked.
  • Try activating a towel, walk one or two steps afterwards. Check if it has gone away.
  • Check if you have any active Bionics. Turn them off. Check if there’s a passive bionic providing light.
  • Check if you have any active traits. Turn them off. Check if there’s a trait that provides light.

If nothing helps, list the mods you’re using here, it might be a mod causing this.

Nope, that’s not a thing. And yes, I’ve tested this, just to make sure. Unless you spawn in a lit refillable lighter, you don’t get the “Lit up” status effect.