Some crafting related ideas

OK so some new builds to help with storage for crafting
ingots solid compact version of meltable items metals glass and plastic (yes they melt plastic in to holds) heavy but compact taking little space.
smelter the main source of ingots. will take any item that can be melted and with fuel over a few hours turn them into ingots its great for getting rid of old or useless metal items. Got a ton of old steel frames when you don’t have a real need for them any more? a lot of scrap copper? 4 maces when your weapon is more your style and strong and better shape? dump them in to the smelter and it makes ingots. also for storage it store ingots differently them item to be smelted and it can hold a lot of items to smelt. in pure speed is slower then scraping by hand but more effective and you don’t have to be there to do it.
pallet a simple wooden pallet meant to hold items. Can hold huge amount of one item around 1,000 to 2,000 of any ONE item but items in there can NOT be used in crafting so its more something for storage over crafting

pulley elevator a building menu item that when connected to other copies of itself can be used to transport furniture and small vehicles (thing shopping cart or that small 3x3 cart you build for storing fluids and crafting tools with a storage spot) that way with pallets you can have a underground storage room and just use a cart to transport your supply list for any crafting your doing. i can’t program but i would just say it would see whats on the elevator tile and move it up or down a level. but again. i don’t programme

So, you’ve been making these sort of posts pretty regularly, posting ideas that you have that you think would improve the game.

My question is, at what point do you just say, hey, maybe I’ll take a c++ class? Or check out a youtube tutorial or udemy course or whatever.

o_o Why not just learn some coding and start working on some of your ideas? I only do json stuff but I find it very satisfying to put my own ideas into the game.

because i am already having college classes and don’t want to add more.
also because i do not have the patience to code especially when i really thinking i tend to get physically active mostly pacing around the room so sitting still and coding would be a uneasy attempt to do anything.
ideas like this were stuff i thought mostly during the 25 min walk to the collage and back including the walks between classes times i am moving about

To be fair, you don’t need to know how to code to edit the .json files to add those ingots and other stuff you mentioned. At least new items/crafting recipes should be easy to make.

I can assure you that the contributers of this game do not lack own ideas to add, you are of course free to suggest or discuss anything you want, but posts that basically only contain rough ideas have little chance to get realised.

these are more meant to refine the idea and have it down so i don’t forget