Some ideas I thought up :)

Some ideas I thought of that are very plausible given the scope of things in-game.

Please feel free to comment this is my first post here and I’m curious to know what anybody thinks about my suggestions.

  1. working/build-able elevators and fright elevators. Imagine if your character had enough construction and electronic skills you could build a working elevator (in 3-5 stages over 24hr) and if it was big enough it could be a fright elevator (each tile holds 9000 volume) (or if somebody was skilled enough to code it into the game if it’s possible) it could actually transport things like crates or even vehicles to the lower levels of your base/home/compound. Imagine driving onto your elevator and activating a in-car button (or your remote control cbm) to trigger the elevator and have it take you to your underground paradise. Or building an elavator to take your looting bike into the sewers/subway to zip around under a town in safety. I personally had a world where a subway ran under the refugee center to close to the farm compound so it was a safe walk but a LONG walk lol.

  2. MORE QUESTS. lol ok so it’s not an idea but a want. I’ve personally done every quest in every world I’ve ever made and to keep myself entertained I add more quests to npc’s via the debug menu. Imagine if there where more quest chains that allowed you to find things like a crashed spacecraft (yay for superalloy and fusion based items) or a treasury ( a building the size of the refugee center filled with bars of gold,silver, and ingots of various metals like tin,iron, and copper)

  3. more buildings & locations. As mentioned above places like a treasury and locations like downed spacecraft. But also additions like ore vains in mines you can blowup with dynamite/C4 or hack at it with a pickaxe to get then smelt to obtain the pure metal. Oil pumps where you can find crude oil to refine and if you dig down you might actually find the pool it was originally pumping out but no open flames or it might get HOT. Graveyards with skeletons and mausoleums going DEEP into the earth (-7 to -10) filled with bones, and other spooky things. Orchards where if it’s the right season all your fruit needs are a thing of the past. Underground rivers/streams where you could encounter BIG fish that would net you 20-40 fish falets per kill of corse their health pool would be bigger. Lakes with a small island in the middle where a hermit npc lives and give out random quests/rewards.

  4. the ocean. The old guard rep mentioned that the people that served the federal government (for 2 years) got a spot on a boat in the 2nd fleet out at sea. Now considering he makes you a marshal gasp that makes you a federal employe in the eyes of the old guard, so after two years in-game would it be so unreasonable for the rep who gave you that tittle say that a room and much harder jobs are waiting for you out on the 2nd fleet if your up for the journey. Think if you traveled say 500-1000 map tiles in one direction (location of the ocean could be controlled in world gen with mod option n.s,e,w) there could be new npc’s to interact with and lots of new structure ideas (ocean research base like labs only out at sea, oil rig with lots of oil, ghost ship with a skeleton crew and a hold full of alcohol or gold)

  5. air travel and arial locations. We have sand bags. we have cloth,leather,and felt. We have rope. And we have baskets. Why not put them all toghter and add in air travel if the solders still have working helacopters I’d like a simple ballon lol. Plus with z-levels it’s reasonable. Also things like floating city’s and abandoned floating craft (UFO,blimps,and such)

  6. more factions and trade options. Imagine all the factions there could be and each one could have a certain item only obtainable from them plus supply and demand i.e. the old guard wants ammo so you get a premium sell price or it’s winter and the bikers (new faction) are holed up in bars and want gasoline to get out of town so guess what just became liquid gold lol

  7. tasks. Imagine if you wanted your army of followers to go do something productive. You could tell Tito to loot all the ammo they could find or you could get jenny to go siphon any fuel they can find. The possibilities are almost endless heck with enough resources or cash you could order bob to go build any building you want even reinforce it if that’s your fancy.

  8. working portals. Now I know it sounds weird but it’s almost already in the game. Teleportation is in the game already and if you could harness that into a working portal imagine how easy it would be to hop between your base and say an area your looting (me personally I’d hook up the farm outpost and the refuge center) Of corse they would be extremely rare drops, be made to spawn in extremely challenging areas, or require a lot of resources and skill to make from scrap.

  9. work freezers. Applying the coldness you get from being in an ice lab core at zlevel -10 (-240 F) to something powered by battery would greatly help out when you plan to keep playing the same world for a long time. I imagine it could be made with either a few mini-fridges (deconstructed then reconstructed) or with scrap metal and a new chemical (dry ice) found in labs.

  10. Drills/saws. Now I’m not talking about about cordless drills and hand saws. No I’m talking vehicle mounted drills ad massive buzz saws hooked to vehicles. Now I know that seems overpowered just driving thru a forest and your deathmobile can clear it’s on path, but if your having to repair them after so long forcing you to stock up on sheet metal or drilling underground in a gas powered mining rig making gas super important to connect those few map tiles between you and something or a peddle powered bike slowly drilling thru layer by layer It’s not overpowered anymore now it’s just survival.

  11. npc inventory reroll and cash increases. Why is it that npcs never have new items nor does it seem that their cash goes up on its on. Why can’t it be every 24 hours or every couple of days the inventory randomizes so we can have a reason to spend our money. And as time goes on they have more money naturally so we can sell our items.

  12. incinerator. I have lots of left over supplies clogging up my lockers and I’d kill for a way to get rid of them in a way that is logical in the scope of the game. So why can’t big locations ie. schools,hospitals,superstores have an incinerator we can loot to put in our base to help us get rid of those items we just no longer need.