Some CBM's become non-sterile when removed from Autoclave

Been running into a bug recently where I clean, mend, package and sterilize certain CBM’s through the whole autoclave process - the message for cycle complete appears, and the CBM appears sterile inside the autoclave, but the moment I move it to my inventory it reverts to (packed) instead of (sterile).

The electromagnetic CBM seems to be doing this repeatedly. Not sure if any others are doing it yet.

It’s likely to not be a bug.
If you fail the skill check for packaging the CBM, you get message saying something like You put the cbm in the pouch and close it then the package is faulty and won’t keep the CBM sterile.
Re dot the package step untill you get a green message.

Ah. Hmm. Seems like the item should show yellow or red, or not green if the packing is faulty. Will try that out.

I think I’ll get rid of this faulty package thing, it’s too confusing and serves no purpose since the sterile status is not hidden.


Done :

EDIT: And it got merged so this won’t be a problem anymore.

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