How do you steralize CBM's

I know that you wash them, mend them, then there name is in green and you put them in the autoclave and activate it but that doesn’t sterilize them so how do you do it?

You’re missing one step: autoclave pouh, you need to put the clean CBM in an autoclave pouch before putting it n the autoclave.

The video is slightly outdated now, but t’s still the right procedure

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Oh, that’s like my favorite YouTuber.

Also, yeah, outdated.

Highly recommend installing the autoclave in a vehicle, that’s the main thing I wish was in the video because people keep telling me I didn’t mention it.

Make sure that vehicle has a couple storage batteries too, those autoclaves run hot (use a steel boom to grab a couple from just about any solar vehicle you come across). Trying to use them w.o mounting onto a vehicle first with the necessary heavy plutonium batteries seems prohibitively expensive in my opinion.