[SOLVED] Overwriting vanilla entries via JSON Mods

Hey there. This is just a question from someone who has been absent from modding CDDA for a long time. I recently got back into it, I forgot a bunch of stuff, can’t find many of my old resources, and a quick search reveals some related topics to my question, but nothing that outright answers it.

If I want to make a mod file that overrides a vanilla entry… say, for example, I want to change the vanilla recipe for Ketchup to include vinegar…

How do I do that without changing the core recipe json file itself? Duplicating it just leads to a name collision error when I try to start up a game/load up a save. How do you overwrite a recipe like that without errors or having a duplicate recipe?

I’m NOT asking how to create a mod itself, I know the necessary steps, I just don’t remember if overwriting vanilla entries was as easy as that.

Edit: Found it, at least for recipes. For anyone who has the same question, for recipes at least you can simply add the “override”: true flag to the recipe. I don’t yet know if this works for item entries as well, the documentation on the Git repo specifically talked about recipes.

That’s strange, since it already requires vinegar…

Was an example. It didn’t use to include vinegar back when I was last modding the game, which bothered me since, you know, real ketchup includes vinegar and vinegar is, in fact, an item in the game, so I thought it should. I could’ve used any number of examples, I just used the first one that came to mind back when I modded those recipes.