Soldier Z is killing me

I had a horde coming to my evac shelter, after killing them came a soldier zombie, my npc was a karate guy who stunned him but my stone spear did no damage, i took a bat and now i have a zombie in my basement, broken doors, on datura(tryed to get the stimulant bonus for strength but forgot the negatives), hallucanating, dead npc corpse and recovering from infection, how do i kill the zombie soldier? But my stats are way down

Nailboard Traps. Each one takes 3 two-by-fours and 20 nails, along with a tool with hammering (a rock will suffice). You can get all of that by smashing the benches and doors in the shelter and basements. You only need four of them to take care of any one zed. Lay them down in a square and lure the soldier to them. Every time it steps on one it will take damage regardless of its armor. Run if you need to in order to keep walking it around on the traps until it dies.

I typically carry 9 Nailboard traps everywhere to set up a 3x3 square. It doesn’t take long to deploy and works on everything short of Hulks and Shocker Brutes. It can even kill normal shockers without too much damage but you will get zapped once or twice. It also works on most robots that don’t fly or shoot you.

Edit: If you don’t want to smash things, you can deconstruct them with the construction menu, provided you have a hammer (rock will not suffice here, but stone hammer will) and a screwdriver. It nets more resources when you deconstruct, but it takes 20 minutes regardless of what you are deconstructing, where smashing takes 6-30 seconds.