Nailboard trap

Does the nailboard trap do any damage to zombies when they walk over them? I’ve been playing around with them seeing as they are easy to make (and autopickup it useful with them too), but it’s hard to tell if they do anything.

yea, just not as much as it could. Its proven useful in mass amounts or along chokepoints, and against wildlife that can see you but not path to you. Say wolves trying to get at you through a wire fence. A few of them along that fence will kill them as they path.

And any zom that paths through them will take damage until they upturn, making them useful for sleeping safer and defense against a sudden horde should you not run for some reason.

But, theres a reason you can make them at level 0, and its not because they are hard to make or super effective against the undead.

Theyre not bad practice for skill points.

OK thanks, sounds like they are just about worth it. If nothing else they can give some peace of mind as extra security! Does the damage stack? If I put two in the same place, would there betwo traps worth of damage, or would I be better lining them up?

So I’m assuming that nail boards aren’t as effective as caltrops?

Id take caltrops to them, but like I said they work, they are almost idiotproof, and they are easy to use.

nail-boards and cal traps work the same way though cal is better version (less volume AND more damage)… I don’t think they can be stacked in same tile… never tried before though… now that I thnk about it… any how They are effective for taking out larger opponents you are not ready to fight yet by simply placing them along a wall or in a choke point you can get around but they can’t (gate or door you close to force repathing) as you simply go back and forth making them re-walk over them untill death.

For example I faced off with a feral hunter on like day 2 at my house. Since the hunter was RETARDEDLY fast I set up trap in the middle of one wall and lured it there, then ran all the way around the house several times. Firing a sligeshot/throwing stuff untill it was to close for comfort. Even running from one side to the other like this it would have caught me if not for my advantageous use of the corners of the building, which by staying next to a simple step over made the pathing go thorough the corner of the building and giving me enough time to run away properly

You can certainly drop more than one in the same tile. I may be doing this wrong though. Do you drop them or activate them to use them? Also, it seems like you can walk over them, although if I drop it when I should be activating it then that would explain why it’s not hurting me when I walk over it.

Do you activate them or drop them?

activate them. If you just drop them you are throwing them down nails down. If you activate it nails up. Trying to walk over an activated one will give you a “are you sure you want to walk on trap” message.

OK thanks. To think those zombies were just laughing at me when I placed a trap facedown before them…

likely. I would laugh at you too. Just FYI funnels work the same way. (a)ctivate it OUTSIDE and place whatever containers you want filled under it. (on top of) no need to activate the containers you are filling or anything.