So what tells the game that lava can be used as an alternative to fire?

I want to know because I want to edit it to also act as a replacement for a charcoal forge.

If you’re close enough to use it as fire, you’re also taking heat damage from it, so you wouldn’t be able to use it as a forge. You’d died before finishing any project.


I can and have and event stayed at comfortable while cooking some wild vegetables. But I want to know if what allows it to be used as such is in the json or if it is hardcoded.

It’s hardcoded. The code was a little too dense to wrap my head around, but it seems that for fire, the game checks for an abnormally high amount of heat within nearby tiles; in this case, a fire would count as very hot, but so would lava, so it works for both of them.

This is only done specifically for the nearby fire component of crafting. Adding it to serve as a forge is probably doable through modding, but it would apply to all fires, not just lava.

Recipes look for specific items or furniture for crafting recipes. Lava is terrain.

You could create a furniture tile that looks like lava and qualifies as a forge, but you can’t assign the “trap”: “tr_lava”, line which makes it act like lava. So it’d be a forge but wouldn’t blister you or immolate you and all that.

You also can’t assign the lava tile as a crafting object. I don’t think there’s any terrain that functions as usable in a recipe beyond fire, light, and water sources. So, yeah. Would be an exercise in coding.

Eh oh well. At least I can still build my base around a lava thing to have infinite fire, light and heat (need to figure out how to cool though).

I was saying that most forge-related tasks take so long that the damage accumulation over that time would be lethal. The first time I encountered lava in the game, I had just been playing Wayward, and so it didn’t occur to me that there might be damage from being too close to it, so long as I wasn’t directly on the lava square. I don’t think I experimented with seeing how far from it I could be to still use it and not take damage, so there might be some distance. I think this was back before I even knew that you could access items 5 squares away while using the craft menu.

No, just a month ago I had a base between lava and river. On the first tiles you have nearby fire it’s only a couple degrees hotter and perfectly safe.