So, I was abusing for fun and profit and I think I hit some limits

Basically, I wanted to cheat my luxury RV and all its contents from an old save game into a new game. I sort of got it to work (use to generate vehicles.json, put that into a new ‘mod’ then used debug menu to add the vehicle by name from the list).

It looks like something like 50% of the items that were in the old game didn’t make it across, though?

They are there in the vehicles.json file, though, so should I just take it that the game does not gracefully cope with spawning in vehicles stuffed far too full of items?

To give a specific example, the original vehicle had one particular trunk that contained around 78 different items when looked at. When spawned in, it had around 35 different items and the scuba-tanks had lost all of their compressed air. Elsewhere guns seem to have lost their magazines and ammo, all the vehicle tanks had lost their liquid content, etc.

This may be due to the inventory changes from earlier this year. Many types of container were made more flexible in terms of what you can put into them, but it also added a notion of an item’s length so you can’t put a 2 meter stick into your backpack anymore. This has caused some bugs early on, and this may be breaking whatever you’re doing right now.

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Could be. The whole ‘pocket’ system, right?

/tools is sort of the bastard step-sibling of CDDA, should I scrape up the energy to do a proper test case for a bug report?

Edit: P.S. Likes for the new poster. :slight_smile:

You can file a bug report, but is not a primary use tool (unlike, for instance) so I don’t know how much attention it will get.

Yeah, I think I’ll leave it. At least till 0.F comes out.