So how do coordinates work?

I was trying me hand at making houses, but I cant figure out how does the placement of the spawn lists actually works. For example most entries follow this format

{ “point”: “terrain”, “id”: “t_dirt”, “x”: [ 0,1 ] “y”: [ 0, 23 ], “repeat”: [ 5, 10 ] },

The start is pretty straight forward, you define a tile and then a rectangle to fill. What confuses me is what exactly is the [5,10] repeating?

It will repeat the command between [a,b] times. It only truly makes sense if the chance is random or if the coordinates are random “x:[5,10]” would put the x value between 5 and 10. If you wanted to define a square of a terrain then you would end up using “square”, not “point”. Further documentation on the exact way to input things may be found here.

Hey thanks i2amroy! That link cleared it up and also solved some other doubts I had about the files.

Is the only way to edit/add buildings still raw json coding? I was praying we’d have a world editor so it could be done graphically to make the process less daunting. I’ve had some ideas for buildings for a while but to be honest my brain hurts when I look at the json entries for the current buildings. lol