Snare Triggers Missing?

I searched and I can’t find anything on this.

The lua, wiki, and online item database all show “Snare Trigger” and snare traps as craftable items, but they don’t show in my crafting screens.

Were these removed, and if so are there any plans to bring them back?
Also why do they still show in the files?

It looks like some maniac dummied out snare kits entirely.

},{ "type" : "recipe", "result": "light_snare_kit", "category": "CC_OTHER", "subcategory": "CSC_OTHER_TRAPS", "skill_used": "traps", "skills_required": [ "survival", 1 ], "difficulty": 1, "time": 5000, "reversible": true, "autolearn": false, "note": "believed removed-from-game", "components": [ [ [ "snare_trigger", 1 ] ], [ [ "string_36", 1 ] ] ] },{

It looks like some maniac dummied out snare kits entirely.

Snare traps are deprecated. Also see the comment in JSON. Or search for “snare”:
And on github

This doesn’t explain the reason for this removal though. Were they so useless that a player shouldn’t be able to craft them, or were they a bugfest?

I’ve dug around in some of the other questions from when they were active. It seems you had to attach them to trees, and couldn’t put in bait to lure creatures, so I suspect they just weren’t very useful.

IF we decide to add them back in, maybe as part of a trapping overhaul, I could see some of the following:

  • small trap, made from the crafting menu, can be loaded with bait, functions like a fish trap for small animals (up to racoon, dogs questionable)

  • Large trap, made from construction menu, converts small trees into a trap that can be reset that can hold human sized (possibly moose sized) creatures
    Requires: Large trap kit (made on crafting menu)

  • Deadfall trap, made from construction menu, converts large trees into a one use trap that does massive damage (drops a tree on them)
    Requires: Large trap kit, tool with wood chopping, kills the tree

Following this paradigm (crafted trap kit + constructed trap) Lots of other possibilities open up, from grenade tripwires in door/window frames to the once ubiquitous shotgun trap

Any way to code baiting them? Though was that really it, that it was just underwhelming? Anyone know the story behind its removal?

Basically they only worked if you were nearby and only if animals actually wandered into them, as a result they were basically useless.
They need some code similar to the fish traps to be useful, in fact a very similar system would work nicely.

Hmm. Maybe, though the same applies to bear traps and most other traps you can’t employ en masse like pits. You’d have to THINK like a trapper, and find chokepoints in the terrain to set them up in.

That said…if we had code to make them start working like fish traps, that would be nice.

If you think like a trapper, it won’t work, because animals don’t move in realistic ways in the game.
Also I doubt we’ll ever make them do so (actually follow game trails around or whatever).
What we could do is have game traps (as opposed to booby traps) work like fish traps, and optionally have “game trails” and other signs of habitual animal movement (like deer beds, bear dens, etc) visible, particularly if you have enough survival, and give a bonus to trapping if you set your traps correctly relative to those signs.

Hmm. True, wildlife doesn’t conform to things like trails and such in-game, so you have technically have to think like a Dwarf Fortress engineer and try to clog a region up with chokepoints.

So appropriating the code for fish traps for a terrestrial version might be better.

Yes, please do that. I’ve been mourning the loss of snares for over a year it feels like. I use to put a bunch out and actually catch shit in em.

I could usually feed a character for life on about 3-4 snare kits back then.

Which implies that they do in fact work if you use them competently.

Which does remind me, if thinking like a real-life trapper doesn’t work, then you think like a Dwarf Fortress one. Or at least a trap designer.

Chokepoints are your friiiieeend.

EDIT: And in any case, this issue is now partially a moot point after having re-implemented them in More Survival Tools. When in doubt, throw it into a mod instead. o3o