Snares Broken - Invalid Trap Id?

I’m recieving the following Debug message when loading worlds:

DEBUG : invalid trap id “tr_light_snare”

FUNCTION: int_id generic_factory::convert(const string_id &, const int_id &) const [T = trap]
FILE src/generic_factory.h
LINE : 361

DEBUG : invalid trap id “tr_heavy_snare”

(error message otherwise identical)

I’m not aware of loading anything particularly related to traps or additional locations, unless it’s part of Makeshift Items Mod or Vehicle Additions Pack.

Any ideas where this is coming from?

Recent patch notes showed that the Snare traps had been moved to the More Survival Tools mod. You likely don’t have it enabled, which means your game can’t find the relevant item entries.

O.o There are recent patch notes somewhere?

Could I have that link, please? has all the good stuff in it. The Jenkins changelog thingy lives at though you can also read it on github. That’s a bit more of a technical view though, the Jenkins one is more concise.

You can edit your save to enable the Makeshift items mod, BTW. Just add
to your save’s mods.json

Thanks for the links!


Took me half a second to locate the save folder. The Makeshift mod is added already, so that’s not the problem.

Oops, that’s because it’s actually been moved to the More Survival Tools mod. That’s my derp. Instead you want to add
and that ought to fix it.