Smoking weed with glass pipe does not get you high

So I pplied a glass pipe and chose to smoke weed from the menu.
It tells me "you smoke some weed, good stuff man!"
It does give odd messages like “Dave’s not here, man” and “Could Jesus microwave a burrito so hot that he himself couldn’t eat it?”

But no “depressants” in the ‘@’ screen, and no “enjoyed weed” in the ‘v’ tab, like when smoking a joint.

EDIT: it does however incur stat penalties.

Yeah I noticed the same thing. Guess I gotta start making some rolling papers rather than waste my stash. :smiley:

Curious: the git issue said that nothing happened whatever. :-/

This one is still hanging around. Works if you “eat” the cannabis but not if you apply the pipe and select it.

I’ve had previous issues with tobacco in appropriate pipes. I’ll have to actually procure some in a recent build tomorrow though, and see if it’s just weed these days.