Drug Weirdness - latest experimental build

HALLU effect might be broken now? I’m not sure what’s causing it, but pink tablets now no longer cause hallucinations or stimulant effect, just fun. And oddly enough they no longer give any sort of message when you consume them now.

Okay weed requires some papers or a pipe now. I dig that.

What’s weird is that if you don’t have papers or a pipe it will either drop it on the ground when you try to smoke it, or else shift it around in your inventory in odd ways. It gives a message reflecting that you should have something to smoke it out of, but then it gets odd. If you hold the weed in your hand slot it will move it to your backpack section one at a time. If it’s contained in your backpack it will drop one on the floor each time.

Also when you do smoke it it no longer gives you the ‘high’ moodlet on the @ screen, just a morale boost on the morale screen.