Smell, Sneaking, Symptoms, Windows

[b]I know some of these probably have been mentioned but figured I would compile a list with some ideas I have too.[/b]
  1. Windows - Should have locks on them like doors so you may be occasionally able to open them from the outside without smashing them.

  2. Usable Containers - Able to put stuff inside containers by activating the item from i gives you the option to open/close and has a put in option to select items to put inside, helps keep the inventory cleaned up when you’re carrying alot of items. I know this is not important just would be nice I think to keep some things organized.

  3. Stealth/Sneaking/Crouching/Crawling? - I used to pick light step but seems pointless right now unless I’m wrong? Figured this would be useful to make the mobs have to bypass a check whether they detect the person or not, Of course the greater distance you’re away the safe you are from getting seen. Also say it’s possible to sneak right pass a zombie one tile away as well but there would be a high chance they would see/smell you.

    I figured this could be activated by maybe using (shift _) where you would pick your martial arts style but would also give the option for sneaking, crouching, crawling etc.

  4. Smell Rating - Along with the sneaking etc, I also think smell should play a bigger roll and have a bar of it’s own. The bar would have status that changes depending how bad the person reeks which increases by being too hot, running through toxic waste, blood etc.

    Say there are 5 stages, this is an example: Smell: Fresh -> Smell: Weak Odor -> Smell: Foul Odor -> Smell: Wet Dog -> Smell: Nauseating. This would also help sneak checks and possibly help avoid unwanting conflict with the undead. Person could find a bar of soap and wash in the river or by using a toilet to reduce the smell. Shampoo’s etc would help but scented would not help as much and may attract animals or the undead. Mud can help coat the smell giving the Smell status a : Faint.

    1. Extra Symptoms - Indigestion, Flatulence, Diarrhea and so forth, all I can think of right now. Indigestion leads to Flatulence which could cause the Smell factor to increase. Diarrhea could come from some foods or unclean water which could hinder movement and sneaking and increase smell possibly caused by flatulence caused by the Diarrhea. Could get rid of it or control any of these by pepto bismo or something of the sort.

    These were just some ideas that popped up in my head and I am sure some of these in some form or another were thought of by others but figured I would post my explanations as well as how they could work etc.

Diarrhea -> body dehydration. Number 1 fatal symptom from this condition in world. In game this could mean that any liquid consumed gives only 1/3rd of hydration value while diarrhea is in effect making it very meaningful to avoid this condition.

And flatulence… Obivious - noise attracts Zeds. To bring things further: we have cheap plastic lighters … Oh man, i bet this one will escalate quickly…

I refuse to just say no without reading something, so here we go.

1 Out of all the windows I’ve entered through (with the permission of the occupants of course) I’ve never found one with a lock on the outside. Ever. It’s counter intuitive as they are not intended for entry and would just be another key to forget somewhere.

2 There is a page for this one.

3 I’m not sure what the plan is for this but it’s in the works (I believe) and I vaguely remember something about vision as a whole needing an overhaul which in turn would allow for a stealth system.

3.5 Light step is still quite useful. It reduces the sound you make when walking and grants a bonus vs traps.

4 Interesting, I don’t believe this subject has been touched on. It could give us a use for bath tubs.

5 See food poisoning. Asides from the farting and diarrhoea being replaced with vomiting we already have it.

While a rather negative response to the suggestions over all; I will admit it’s one of the nicer looking ones I’ve seen.

Yeah forgot about Body Dehydration from Diarrhea. Also thanks TaintedHolyWater, just some random ideas I figured I would throw out there even if they were not all that great.

Yea I just remembered it giving the bonus vs traps, completely forgot about that and as for making less sound, was not sure if it actually worked as I would find myself going through buildings and out the back normally to lose a huge group of zombies chasing me as much as without it or unless it’s not a completely huge difference which I can understand.

What I meant by locks on windows is latches that you move to lock/unlock from the inside which could let you open it from the outside if they were unlatched so possibly saving the issue of going through the front door at times if there’s too much of a threat. Aside from most houses not having more than one door going into it, figured this was a neat idea other than the smelling but yea now that I think of it not so sure.

I’m iffy on the numbers but I believe it makes zombies hear you at two squares away instead of six. Don’t quote me on it.

Ok that makes a lot more sense for the windows. I had this weird mental image of a window with a key hole at the bottom or the locking mechanism on the outside.

Windows can have key locks aparently… though I still can’t guess why.

101 on windows:

Keyed windows are used on office spaces, vehicles, theaters and in places where general public are present aka where it needs to be controlled who has the authority to open windows and when. Not a thing on common houses, but actually quite common on corporations and offices.